Indian Misal Bunny Chow


Indian Misal Bunny Chow

My memories of my decade long stint at Mumbai is made up of my first job, my first rented apartment, first room mates, my marriage, my baby’s birth and many more firsts but the highlight has been the food especially street food!

I still can’t forget the road trip with my best friends and the spicy, steaming hot Misal Pav we had enroute Harihareshwar. It was a burst of flavors in my mouth and the experience made me love and cook Misal Pav very often. Although I make the Misal with a little less spice to suit my family’s palette and eat more Misal and less Pav but it still remains my absolute favorite Maharashtrian Street Food. I have a lot of “absolute favorites” so I divide them by states 🙂

Misal is essentially a soupy, tangy, spicy sprouts and nuts curry which is flavored with “Goda Masala” (the Maharashtrian Garam Masala or All spice powder) and you don’t need spoon to eat this. All you need is Pav to soak all the awesomeness up! Since I eat this way, I decided to serve it as a bunny chow where the Pav will soak up all the curry and you can also dunk and eat from the Pav Bowl! Isn’t that easy and so much more appetizing!

Indian Misal Bunny Chow 3

Prep time: 15 mins

Cook time: 30 mins

Total time: 45 mins

Indian Misal Bunny Chow: Spicy, tangy sprouts curry served with Pav or Indian Bread.Indian Misal Bunny Chow 1

Author: Nand

Recipe type: Appetizer/Snack

Cuisine: Indian Street Food

Serving Size: 3


  • Mixed sprouts – 1 cup
  • Salt to taste
  • Turmeric powder
  • Tomatoes, chopped – 1/2 cup
  • Oil – 1 tsp
  • Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
  • Slit green chilies – 1
  • Onions, finely chopped – 1/2 cup
  • Garlic and ginger paste – 1 tsp
  • Goda Masala* – 1 1/2 tsp
  • Curry leaves – 6-7
  • Tamarind paste – 1/2 tsp (or 1 tsp lemon juice)
  • Fresh Coriander, chopped for garnish
  • Onion, finely chopped for garnish
  • Farsan (or dry snack mix) for garnish and for the crunch
  • Lemon wedges for garnish
  • Pav – One packet of 6

*You could replace Goda Masala with Dry coconut powder (2 tsp), coriander powder (1 tsp), garam masala powder – 1/2 tsp, cumin powder – 1 tsp, red chili powder – 1/2 tsp)


  1. In a pressure cooker, add cleaned mixed sprouts, 2 cups of water, salt, turmeric powder, chopped tomatoes. Cover and pressure cook for 2 whistles.
  2. In a deep pan, add oil and once it is hot add cumin seeds.
  3. Now add slit green chilies, onions, ginger and garlic paste and fry well.
  4. Now add the goda masala or the replacement spices as mentioned above.
  5. Add curry leaves mix well and fry until oil leaves the side of the dish.
  6. Now add the cooked mixed sprouts. Mix well. Adjust seasoning if required.
  7. Add tamarind water to bring in the tang and let it simmer on low heat for 5 minutes. Add more water if needed.
  8. For serving, take a pav and make a well in the center (retain all the walls of the pav to use it as a katori or bowl.
  9. Now serve the hot misal in pav bowl and sprinkle fresh coriander, chopped onions, lemon wedges and farsan if using.

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