8 Toddler Snacks


Having a toddler in the house ensures that you are on your toes every waking moment. It’s fun but also very taxing on the parents. With exploding energy, toddlers are at their energetic best throughout the day and to keep fueling them is very important.

Another thing which helps keep my sanity is baby wearing. Baby wearing has, in a way, liberated me as I am free to do all the prep I want for the food I cook for my family. Moreover, it soothes my baby when she is cranky and she falls asleep in the cozy space close to my heart, while giving me a warm fuzzy feeling and helping me bond with my child better. I owe a huge part of this wonderful feeling to baby wearing, and especially to Anmol, which is conceptualized and run by a dear friend and guide, Rashmee!


I find it extremely challenging to think of new ideas for snacks which I can safely feed my toddler during snack time. What helped me immensely was making a list of snacks I could quickly put together. I am sharing one such list with you all so that you also have something handy to lookup.

Here is a list of snacks which you can easily and quickly make for your toddlers, would keep them happy and keep you satisfied. A few things I always keep in mind while making and serving snack to my 2.5 year old:

Keep it interesting – Keep changing the shapes, plates, dipping sauces, etc. to keep things interesting.

Adding color is the key – If the food is of a single color then add colors with the help of salads, dipping sauces or fruits.

Always use one known ingredient – If you want to introduce something new or feed them something they usually don’t like, then add small quantities of it to the snack with the majority ingredient being something they like.

Don’t serve the snack with a drink/water – They always go for the drink first which fills them up and the snack is not consumed well.


Here’s a list of 8 snacks I have for you for now. Hope you try each one of them and give me feedback on what else you would like to see as part of future updates.

  1. Open Burrito Muffin Veg
  2. Corn on the Cob
  3. Baked Crispy Chole
  4. Vegetable Idli Muffins
  5. Beetroot & Potato Patty
  6. Protein Fingers
  7. Granola
  8. Mexican Cheese Poppers

Some dips and sauces you can serve these snacks with are

  1. Mexican Pickled Salsa
  2. Homemade Sour Cream

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